Abounding Prosperity

by Carter Tracy

There is so much talk about abundance and prosperity these days.  For many people, the words prosperity and abundance mean having a lot of money.  While having money is certainly essential to our livelihood in the Western world, it is good to put our desire for money in perspective with what we are truly seeking to experience: love, happiness, friendship, family, fun, and good health.

I believe it is most useful to think about our abundance in terms of our enjoyment of life and not personal wealth.  So if it’s prosperity you desire, here are some easy, at home ways to make it happen!  

For one thing, it is important to remember that money, like every else, is energy. In science we learn there are two kinds of energy, potential energy and kinetic energy. Kinetic energy is energy in motion: the wind blowing, the flowers growing, the poet writing, the dancer dancing. Potential energy is fixed energy or energy that is waiting to be tapped and transformed into flowing kinetic energy. An apple is potential energy.  It changes when you eat it!  A battery is potential energy too.

Money is potential energy. On its own, it is not worth much.  It’s just ink and paper. As you spend it, money’s potential becomes your opportunity. You have the opportunity to buy food for your family, enjoy warmth in the wintertime, go to a movie, or go out on the town with a friend. However, there is other potential energy besides money that you can tap into for new opportunities at any time.  Just look around your house. That book you haven’t read yet is potential energy for your intelligence. That shirt that still has tags on it is potential for your beauty and comfort. (If it’s not, get rid of it!) Those scraps of fabric and buttons you’ve been saving are potential energy for a creative afternoon. That box of fancy tea you’ve never opened is potential energy for a soothing moment in your day or a surprise gift for a friend.

A first step to creating abounding prosperity in your life is to take stock of everything you own.  Start to notice what you have in your home, from toasters to books and clothes to knick-knacks. If you find it useful, use it! If it’s useless, it’s taking up space and your space is your potential energy, too. If you don’t love it and don’t need it, let it go. You’ll be amazed at how quickly the Universe will send you some new thing or new opportunity to take its place!

Once you’ve gotten rid of your useless things, you can create more space in your space. Arrange your furniture so there is plenty of room for easy movement.  Kinetic energy flows, and when energy is flowing through your living space, new things, new friends, and new experiences are on their way.  Create room in your life for possibility!

My favorite tip for adding abundance in life is having houseplants. Plants churn out an enormous amount of healthy, healing oxygen and subtle, soothing pheromones that bring about feelings of wellness. Have you ever noticed how a room with plants is so much more pleasing to be in? When we care for our plants and appreciate their beauty, we are emitting love and gratitude into our space and the Universe. Don’t worry if it takes a few tries to find the particular plants that love your kind of space.  Do a little research and keep at it.  You will be glad you did!

Finally, perhaps the most important step towards abounding prosperity in your life is to indulge your creativity! Spiritually, money represents our creating power. We create in the world to earn money; workers create service, teachers create education, and entrepreneurs create companies. If all of a sudden your bank account is empty and you want to cry because in that particular moment, there is nothing you can do, sit down and create something. Draw a picture. Write a song. String old beads into a bracelet. By the simple act of creating something new in the Universe, you are manifesting newness in your life. You will be amazed at what opportunities come simply because you activated your power to create.

People who are wealthy certainly seem like they have it all, but that’s part of the illusion. Money in the bank has no power to bring joy. It is through creating opportunity that we find joy.  The three ingredients you need to create opportunity is you, your life, and right now! As you learn to create with what you already have, abounding prosperity will come alive around you. Be ready to be amazed!

2009 Copyright by Carter Tracy

The Spirit Solver