Finding the Energy of "Christ" in Nature
by Carter Tracy


The interviewer from Progressive Christian Magazine asks, "Carter, how does it feel to be a professional in such a flakey, New-Age field, seeing as you have a Master of Divinity from a prestigious Methodist Seminary?"

Carter responds, "Well, I don't consider any of my work to be flakey at all.  Astrology, feng shui  and energy work are ancient practices.  Hands-on healing is described in the New Testament, not exceptionally differently from how I practice it.  Feng Shui comes from ancient China and the philosophy of Taoism, which predates Buddhism, which predates Christianity.  It is about tapping into the natural flow of life as is emulated by nature.  

This is the same thing that the Catholics are speaking about when they speak of Natural Law.  That is what I practice. Natural law.  Tapping into nature's hidden rules and forces to maximize our embodied, earthly experience!  I am creating flow in people's lives so they will feel better in their lives and have the energy to do more.  This work is not just for the rich people who can afford it, but for every one who can benefit from a little extra grace and ease through this trip called Life.  When people have a good feeling of energy in their lives, they are naturally oriented towards living good, healthy and healing lives.

Of course, that's not always true. I see plenty of church goers speak of Jesus and not live by him.  I believe Jesus appreciated healthy, thriving natural landscapes.   He preached from on top of a mountain, which I am sure was quite scenic and lovely!  These Christians feed off Christ's loving energy and continue to ignore a path that encourages and supports a healthy world.  

I believe Jesus Christ was fully conscious of and at one with the Universal "Christ" energy that is available for all of us. The part that gets missed is how we create this energy ourselves.  In fact, we are in this energy all the time, in the deepest recesses of our being! This is what all the Buddhists and yogis and shamans and ancients believe and know is true.

We generate this energy through our own bodies and in our own personal environment and community.  We create it by feeding life force energy into our bodies with food.  The food carrying the most life force energy is always organic and always local.  The more unnatural chemical fertilizers, pesticides, genetic manipulation, and shipping from overseas come between a fresh seed and the food inside your tummy, the less nourishing life force energy you have received.  Life force energy exists naturally and effortlessly in lovingly tended land.  It's easy to experience this when you are out in the woods, however you can also create it in your own backyard with intentional organic gardening. Then you can eat Christ’s energy every day and help heal the world at the same time.

See, Christ energy is the Universal underlying energy force of loving, interconnected compassion that holds our Universe together.  It simply is. It is self-generating.  No human had any effect on the forests that grew upon the earth, except for perhaps in destroying them.  Existence, in all its sublime stillness as a trickling mountain stream or an open field of wild flowers, is the essence of Christ.  

Asian cultures are masters at tapping into life force energy, which they call chi (qi). Some other cultures call it "prana", but it's the same thing - life force energy, the energy that made Jesus the Christ, that he used to heal and resurrect.  The understanding of chi flow is the basis of sacred Asian architecture, acupuncture and Oriental herbal medicine, and feng shui, which is the art of sacred placement both indoors and in your landscape.

One of the things I do is create “flow” in people’s lives so that they can live healthier lives, as well as help them to effortlessly generate more chi in their environment, unencumbered by the poisoning corruption of our industrialized world.  It doesn’t mean you have to throw away your new flat screen TV. 

If I told you more opportunity will come if you change that burnt out light bulb to an energy saving compact fluorescent, wouldn’t you do so?  If all it takes to create more peace and energizing relaxation in your life is to de-clutter your desk and counter tops, wouldn’t that be a worthy project to spend an afternoon on?  I have created so much in my life just by rearranging my furniture and getting rid of old junk, it’s laughable that I waited so long to get started!

Astrology is an ancient and symbolic art form. The wise men followed the stars to find the distant place where Jesus was born.  They knew he was on his way by the stars in the skies, just as astrologers today know that our earth is going through some deep rearrangements as a result of Pluto’s recent entry into the sign of Capricorn.  Astrology practices are different from culture to culture, however all the different practices of astrology point back to one essential truth: the world around us is full of symbolic mysteries, unraveling far deeper than what our finite minds can reason.  The stars speak an energetic language about the mysterious and spiritual reality of our existence.  Trees and streams and mountains and meadows speak their own truths to us as well.

Have you ever found your answer in the appearance of a hummingbird?  If you haven’t, I recommend exploring the possibilities.  You might be surprised how much you have to gain from holistic spirituality - the spirituality of God’s mystery entwined in nature!”

2008 Copyright by Carter Tracy

The Spirit Solver