Conscious Completion, Successful Manifesting

by Kendra Thornbury

“By allowing something to die when its time is due, we create the conditions under which new life can emerge.” ~Parker Palmer

Do you really want to manifest your desires?  If you are ready to bring about what you think about, I encourage you to complete one more thing! Just do it. Don't think about it, don't contemplate it, just do it.  The degree to which you let in the new beginnings, new insights, new creativity, new relationships, new expressions, new income, new.... whatever you want is directly related to how much you have let go of, completed, surrendered and ended.

Bottom line, if you intend to manifest what you want in 2009 (or anytime) you must tend to completion!

Unfinished business leads to incomplete business and incomplete business becomes energy drainers.  Energy drainers take you out of alignment and harmony, and create discord in your vibration. This means you will not be a vibrational match to what you want.  It’s time to get honest.  Your vibrations can not be swept under a rug.  You need to connect to what must be completed to give your sown seeds a place to grow.

Life has a cycle. When you tend to each part of the cycle, you allow the fullness of life to live through you. There is a time for endings, a time for death, a time for completion. If you avoid or resist these parts of the cycle, you have less room for the birth, the new beginnings, the creativity and flow of abundance.  In other words, out with the old and in with the new.

I want you to choose intentional and conscious completion.

Give it over. Give it up. Let it be done.

You can make the space for your new life. By completing something that has been lingering, you will experience greater freedom and liberation from the past. You will know the completion of a cycle, allowing the natural forces of life to move to the next stage of living. You will be in harmony with your natural ability to manifest. This cycle is connected to how you move forward in your life. 

Through conscious completion, you can consciously manifest.

Take the time and allow yourself to make space for the natural manifesting process to breathe through you. Don’t know how to get started?  Try this process:

1) Identify one place in your life where you need completion. There are a variety of forms this could take. Examples:

A project you started that you need to finish
A conversation you’ve needed to have with someone
A task such as cleaning your office
Forgiving someone so you free yourself from the weight of resentment

Choose something that you know deep down would be freeing to tend to!

Remember, when you have “incompletes” lingering in your life, even when you think you have “put them away” in your mind, they deplete your energy. They preoccupy a part of your consciousness that creates stress and decreases the quality of your life by putting you in vibrational discord.

So, choose something that you know will contribute to you shifting this cycle of depletion and uplift you, establishing a vibrational match to what you want.

2) Write it down (focus on one item for now.)

3) Write down what about the situation needs completion. What has been left undone? An actual set of tasks? Releasing a feeling? Speaking your truth? Forgiveness?

4) Write down what you need to do in order to find completion with this situation to be done with it once and for all! (Remembering that decision is the biggest factor)

5) Write down how you will feel when you have found completion with this situation. How will you feel? Describe it.

6) Consider what there is to be grateful for in this situation. How has this situation served you? What lessons are you grateful for?

7) Make an action plan. Write out the steps you are going to take.
The place in my life I want to focus on for completion is…

What needs to be complete about this situation?

What I need to do in order to feel complete is…

When I have created completion for myself around this, I will feel…

How this situation has served me to this point and the lessons I have learned from this situation…

The steps I will take are…

This is your time!  Make manifesting a part of your cycle, as you complete this next phase, and watch your life unfold beautifully.

Copyright 2009 By Kendra Thornbury

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