New Body's Resolution

You have heard it all before.  You may have said it 40 times in your life. 

“This year, I am going to get in shape!”

“This year, I am going to start a diet and stick with it!”

“This year, I am going to start exercising and not let anything get me off track!”

What if… you decided this year to NOT do any of those things?  What if this year you skipped the diet, the massive workout plan, the new workout outfit?   What if your only resolution this year is to love your body the way it is right now in this moment?

You may think this is crazy, or ludicrous or worse, a sin.  Whatever is coming up for you, answer me this question.  If those resolutions of getting in shape have worked in the past, why are you resolving again this year to do the same?  The fact is, very few of us change our lives with a resolution.  A resolution filled with after holiday indulgence is almost sure to fail.  So why do we do it?

It seems the new year is a great way to start over.  We feel a sweeping away of the past and a door opening to the possibilities.  Start new, start fresh, start over. 

The problems begin when we make that first wrong move, that first choice not in sync with our enlightened resolve.  For example, we resolve to walk five days a week and during the first week, after walking for 2 days in a row, we feel tired.  We decide, this will be one of the 2 days off a week.  However, the next day brings more of the same resistance.  We again allow ourselves to use up the second day off.  The next day we have created a “have to” and there is no way out.  Should we decide to walk, we are faced for the next two days of “have to” walking.  Should we decide to not walk again…. well, resolution is now not holding the water it held a few days ago.  And so the resolution seems almost destined to fail.

What do you do?

One of the first things I must advise is to choose a resolution you can absolutely accomplish without leaving your chair.  See, when you add physical action into change, you are really taking on a much bigger goal than you think.  Resolving to begin walking five days a week is really saying:

  1. I will be inspired five days a week (thinking of it.)
  2. I will be motivated five days a week (getting excited about it.)
  3. I will be actively responsive to my motivation five days a week (getting up to do it.)
  4. I will get dressed for exercising in the weather five days a week (unless you plan to go out in pajamas.)
  5. I will decide where to walk five days a week (a huge decision many days.)
  6. I will walk for a 30-90 minute extended walk five days a week (that is what you mean by “walk,” right?)
  7. I will come back tired five days a week, until my body gets into the new energy (reality of it.)
  8. I will shower five days a week (this is difficult for many of us.)
  9. I will change again into new clothes for the rest of the day five days a week (yep, getting into another action filled with decisions.)
  10. I will deal with being a little more hungry five days a week, until my body gets used to the higher energy rhythm (this can be scary for those who are trying to lose weight.)

The fact is you have really added more than just one resolution, you have added ten!  If you wish to be successful, change your resolution to the very first step.  I will be inspired by my body five days a week.  So what inspires you?

Love, joy, gratitude, blessings are a few of what inspires me to feel motivated.

So this year, love your body.  Really feel the love.

Be joyful to be in your body on this planet.  No matter what illness, disease, pain or challenges you are having, you are here with your senses experiencing something amazing on our planet.

Feel the gratitude for every gift you have been given by having your body.  Feel that warmth rise up in your amazing body.

Count your blessings.  The immense gifts of your in-shape or out-of-shape body are easy to take advantage of. 

It is so important to love our bodies for what they are right now, and every day.  They may not look like they did when you were 20, but that is not now, that was then.  Loving your body in the here and now allows you to treat it well with just the right amount of high quality fuel, giving it the divine acknowledgment to keep it well appreciated, and use it daily to keep it running smooth.

Who knows, you might actually keep this New Year’s resolution and find yourself in the best holistic shape you have ever been in.

by Rain Fordyce

Copyright 2009 by Rain Fordyce