Claiming Your Personal Power
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by Judith Geiger

“I woke from a dream this morning with an idea of how I can make a difference.”


We have all heard about how simple acts of kindness can change our lives and those around us. With all that is happening in the news now—the economy, terrorism, the war, and our own personal tribulations—there has never been a better time than right here, right now to raise awareness that we can make a difference.


We can start by simply staying connected to our own personal power. This can shift our perspective and raise our consciousness and, in turn, elevate the consciousness of the whole.


What is Personal Power?

Personal Power stems from our authentic voice.  It is the ability to live your life to the fullest regardless of what is happening around you.

Taking charge of your personal power means you get to decide how you want to live your life. This is not about ego, but about your heart and the authentic choices you make every day.


Three ways to live your life from choice and claim your personal power now:



This is a big piece of what you need during times of stress. Put more emphasis on how well you are taking care of yourself. The better you feel, the more you have to give to others.

  • Exercises regularly, even a short walk each day is a great start. This reduces stress and increases endorphins for that “good feel” you are longing for. Even moderate exercise has huge benefits to your health.
  • Get in touch with your spirituality—whatever that means to you (church, meditation, prayer, yoga, etc.).  This is where you connect to the bigger picture.
  • Eat healthy foods versus snacking on what is at hand for comfort.  Plan ahead and have them ready for easy access.
  • Bring silence into your life every day as you look inward for guidance. Ask yourself each day, “What do I need today?” Then pay attention to the answer.



This can help you shift your perspective. Find new innovative ways to stay in touch with what is going on in the news without being pulled into a downward spiral.

  • Read as much good news as you do bad news for a balanced feeling.  Find resources where positive stories are the key feature.
  • Go online and select the news you want to read.  If you feel nervous about clicking on a headline, then don’t do it.
  • Talk with positive people who are knowledgeable about today’s situations and can strategize ways to improve your world.  Spread the good news you find!


Positive action:

When you are strong in your personal power, you can take action even when it is only baby-steps at first.

  • Join a positive group that will support you in keeping your energy high.
  • Begin to believe your glass is half full, not half empty. This is not putting on rose-colored glasses, but simply looking at what you do have not what you don’t.  Seeing what can be done, then taking positive steps toward those goals.
  • Hire a coach or mentor to listen without judgment and support you through changing times.
  • Take your personal power back by helping others. If we do one kind thing for each other, that would be over 305 million kind acts in the United States alone! Imagine how that could shift perspective about what is happening in the world today.


As I woke this morning, my idea of making a difference was to let the world know that we do have a choice. We can stand in our own personal power and make a difference for ourselves and others.


Copyright 2008 By Judith Geiger 

The Flying Change Coach