Trusting Your Personal Guidance

For "really big" decisions, who can you trust?

When was the last time you heard and trusted your own voice? Let's say for instance, you are faced with a decision, big or small. Where do your thoughts go? Does your mind start to pay attention to the words of those around you? Do you ask others what they think of your decision? Do you start to research the internet for what experts have said about this topic? Do you write a list of pros and cons? Do you think and think until your brain begins to burst?

When was the last time you had a decision to make and you said to yourself, "That is an interesting topic to think about, " and sat down in a quiet space and breathed. Let yourself relax, quiet your mind and just enjoy breathing and being quiet. Instead of asking the question on your mind, you release it to the universe. Try not to ask for a specific answer. If I must ask something, an old favorite is "who am I?" The answer is, I am the person sitting here, I am the person breathing and I then I continue to enjoy the quiet, free from the suffering of my thoughts. Feeling my body as a strong, healthy miracle of grace, I continue to breathe.

Sure enough, when I least expect it, an answer comes into my head with a voice that sounds extremely familiar. I smile at the wonderful opportunity for my voice to come and visit and pay tribute to the question I had been thinking about before this moment. As I continue to breathe, the voice is gone and I notice my feelings of slight sadness as this amazing personal guidance, usually does not reappear for long conversations. I plan to continue many more exercises related to why this is, though it may be because in the beginning, I found I was so excited by the answers I received, I would stop the breathing exercise immediately after the voice would come and jump up with a huge smile on my face and move on with my day. Interestingly, without any further debate, I have always accepted the answer that this voice has offered me. Why should I argue, since, so far, the answers have always led me down a positive trail?

Yet, days come and go. It seems so easy to forget the powers of authentic living that we possess. Sometimes I am faced with decisions, which I decide are very important. I call them "really big" decisions. These "really big" decisions need more care, I tell myself. These decisions should be researched, my friends and family should be polled, and when referring to these decisions, I should always be serious in tone and face. I begin to think, how can I know the right thing to do? I begin to really think about and get excited about how I might find the answer outside of myself. I might start to turn to people who are experts. I might listen to people who are considered spiritually enlightened. I might ask those people who have professed that they love me. Through this extensive research I will have collected a lot of answers. Getting caught up in the drama of it all, I love to share these answers with anyone who will listen and take a popularity poll. These answers might be smart, they may be wise, and hey, they may even be right, but I struggle deciding which answer is the one I should follow, since honestly if I choose any answer now, I know that I forgot to ask one more important person, who knows what trail my spirit wishes to blaze. I know that I forgot to ask my personal guidence.

The act of putting a question in your mind and then releasing it to the universe to answer, while you take time out to breathe and relax is an act of trust. It is the trust you have in the universe, in your personal guidance and your spirit's journey.

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