The Abundance Hose

If you think you don't have enough, just suit up and grab your hose.

As I sat in the wee hours of the morning, I noticed my thoughts going to ideas of "what if?" You all know the "what if" scenarios. What if I can't pay my mortgage? What if I lose my job? What if there is an oil crisis? What if my health goes? Some of us practice thinking about these stories in our minds. We come up with emergency plans and sit around worried about the "what ifs." These thoughts are based in the idea of lack and not having enough, instead of focusing on having abundance.

If you were focused on abundance, how could it be, with all resources available to you that you could not pay your mortgage? If it is your reality that you can't pay your mortgage, have you thought about the idea that other abundant gifts might be waiting for you, if you let go of the idea, "I must keep my house." Are you fully aware of the many gifts of your existence? Abundance is waiting for those who embrace these gifts. Of course in this culture of "not enough," this takes practice.

We have spent plenty of time playing the "what if" game. For example, my husband spent a good amount of time in our early years with the idea, ‘what if I lose my job?' He worked at a new internet company and they were trying to keep profits high through a regular run of layoffs. I was a stay at home mom and we were barely getting by on our one salary. One day, when I was six months pregnant with my second child, he came home with a box of his personal items. I saw him walk in the door with that open cardboard box filled with his personal belongings, and I was petrified. "What happened?" my voice trembling from fear, while my hands were holding tight to my bulging belly. He replied, "I am pretty sure I am going to lose my job, so I went ahead and beat them to it and brought some of my things home." I asked him, "You didn't lose your job?" "No," was his reply. "Why do you think that you will lose your job?" I pressed further. "I just know it is coming, and I am not going to get escorted out with a box of my items, like the others. I beat them to it, so I can just walk out the door with my head held high."

This is a great example of what happens to someone living with the idea and fear of "what if." We don't just have the thought, we attach all the stressful emotions that go with it and through our fight or flight response, we act, by making emergency plans. My husband never did lose his job, until he put his own resignation in 7 years later, however, he never felt truly safe and decided to never bring all his items back to work, just in case. Sometimes we can think about the "what ifs" for so long, we live our lives in the state of stressful emergency. This is not good for our body, mind or spirit. With all the energy being used waiting to use our "what if" emergency plans, we may never have the energy needed to work on our dreams.

Here is a fun visualization to allow you to get into the feeling of abundance. With this visualization, just allow it to feel real inside your body and mind. Close your eyes, take a deep belly breath and relax. Imagine you are all suited up to put out the burning fire of "what if." You feel relaxed as you know the fire can't really hurt you as you are a very courageous what-if firefighter. You have a hose in your hands and what comes out of this hose is all the abundance of the world. You know that inside of this hose is a magical soft and sparkling substance. When it touches you, the miracle of abundance is yours. Just one touch and you will receive courageous powers to be fearless in any situation. One touch and you will receive so much love that your overflowing heart lets go of all heartache and is beating brightly and strong, ready to overflow to the world around you. One touch and you receive the gift of the fountain of youth, healing all your sickness and pain to make you young, energetic and strong again. One touch and your brain is filled with the greatest creative thoughts that can solve any problem and create any masterpiece. You know that each sparkle that touches your body turns immediately into a $1000 bill that floats gently down at your feet. Notice where the fire of "what if" is burning in your body and aim right for the center and turn on your hose. Feel the magical soft sparkling air and notice how warm it is. See the sparkles and notice what colors they are. As it drenches your body and extinguishes the fire of "what if," notice what it sounds like. As it continues to flow out, showering over your whole face, notice how delicious it tastes and how wonderful it smells. Feel the magic begin to give you strength, health, energy and a sense of love and understanding. Relax as you can easily breathe it all in! When the hose is turned off you are wading in a puddle of $1000 bills and notice how you feel about that. How do you feel changed? Now carefully put your hose away and know it is there when you want it again, or anytime you forget about the abundance in your life.

Notice if your reality has changed, your feelings have changed or both. Allowing yourself to put out the fire of "what if" is fun when you let it become part of your reality. Take this new found energy into your life. Make dream plans, instead of emergency plans and feel the joy of the moment, instead of worrying about the future. Take your new power, knowledge and your creative abilities to create the positive life you desire.

For no matter what if may come at you, you always have enough, when you believe it!

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