Waking Up Happy
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How you start your day, might be how you live your life.

Like so many of you, I have spent most of my life waking up in one or more of the following ways:

  • waking up to the sound of an alarm for work or school
  • to the sound of babies crying during early motherhood
  • to a mindful list of things I needed to do
  • with a sense of fear of what I forgot to do the day before
  • with shaking in my legs telling me to go exercise
  • with a complete disregard that I was waking up at all, while I blindly started my day

But lately, as I have been trail-blazing bliss in my life, something strange has happened. I am waking up with a huge smile on my face. I am waking up with dancing in my feet and singing in my head. I am waking up with the excitement of a child on a summer day. What has happened to me? What has changed?

I was reading an article awhile back about how to stimulate a good morning. Their list had wonderful ideas like, keep fresh flowers by the side of your bed, paint bright cheery colors in your room and buy bright colored bedding, buy an $80 alarm clock that simulates dawn to wake you up, think good thoughts, and go sit in the sun for a few minutes in the morning. Though most of their ideas led you to a trip to the store, there was an interesting twist to it. The story stated a study that says we all wake up slightly depressed because of the high levels of certain chemicals in our brain that help create sleep at night. I know what it feels like to wake up slightly depressed in the morning and with what feels like nothing less than a job to shake it off. When you are living like that, having a study to validate this normal morning state, can definitely make you feel better.

I began to wonder about their use of words like “depressed” instead of drowsy. It makes sense that your body would use chemicals to make you drowsy to fall asleep, however, there is no reason to become depressed. What biological function would that serve? What I believe is that you are drowsy, and because our lives are so fast-paced, and so many of us are living with lack of sleep, the idea of have to’s and should’s first thing in the morning, are just a big-fat downer! I am compelled to write and say articles that use buzz words to create interest like “depressed” are not helpful. In fact, they seem to close the door on the endless possible designs we could create to make our mornings the way we want. The fact is, nothing is stopping us from waking up in joy!

I know this because of the huge shift that has occurred in my own life. The way I am thinking and the way I am living. I have followed a dream to own a magazine and become a writer who helps people laugh, think, and feel inspired. Something happened to me while I was taking risks to follow my bliss. Something wonderful is slowly changing the way I see the world and how I want to dance in it.

Here are some of the new ways I live today - and my suggestions for you to try:

  • First and foremost, I follow my bliss whenever I can
  • I sing out loud, no matter who may hear me, when I feel inspired to.
  • I have turned my mantra, “I am experiencing joy” into a everyday reality.
  • I love to find the gifts in everything good and bad that I experience.
  • I confidently tell others regularly that I am a spiritual person, or someone who is letting their spirit guide them.
  • I happily surrender to the universe, knowing in my heart that my ego does not know the path before me.
  • I meditate for fun.
  • I don’t worry about the futures of my children as long as they are following their bliss.

This world is full of people who tell you all kinds of different information. Somehow we discern what is true for our life and what we can believe in. Scientists can be extremely convincing with their studies and reports, because afterall, they are scientists, right? Just remember there are always a few test subjects who are exceptions to "the rules" these studies try to create.

Why don’t we choose to live our lives as the exception to the rules. You are a beautiful exception, whether you are ready to experience it yet, or not. Just for today, tell yourself the following ideas and see how it makes you feel:

I believe in myself. I believe that what might look like a bad moment in my day, is a gift to remind me to learn more about myself. This gift will create clarity so I know how I want to follow my bliss. I believe that I was put here to spread joyous love. I believe that I am trail-blazing toward happiness.

Don’t worry, even if these ideas feel like silly notions to you now, if you give your soul to it, soon, you will believe. Believe in the power of happiness and you might find yourself waking up happy. Soon you might find yourself wanting to dance, sing or you might just wake up with the biggest smile on your face when you realize you have the gift to play here in your life... for one more glorious day!

smiles and inspiration!




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Copyright 2008 by Rain Fordyce