Diva on the Rise!

I want you to be alive. Fully alive. I'm talking about boundless joy and vital health. I'm talking about feeling good in your body. I'm talking about knowing the pure satisfaction of accepting who you are. I'm talking about insisting on being yourself, your true self, and feeling the passion that dances with truthful expression. I'm talking an all out fulfillment of who you are here to be!

Starting from a young age, I recall feeling a longing, a desire, an unexplainable sense of something for me. I now believe those were soul nudgings. Since I can remember, I’ve been drawn to the inner terrain of my being, to the exploration of being alive, and to the attainment of authenticity. In my early 20’s, I captured it as a want for my insides and outsides to match. I wanted my life to express me fully, in all ways and in all areas.

Just prior to this time, I chose to leave a life void of self care. Depressed and shut down, I would do things that were not in the best interest of my health. I didn’t feel good about myself, so I acted out in ways that, in the long run, would have led to self-destruction.

Many women are in the same place. Stress, depression, anxiety, self-criticism, lack of esteem.... and on and on. These are symptoms of losing your true self, of losing connection with your truth, with losing touch with the divine feminine aspect of your self.

See, these things that were “wrong” with my life didn’t mean there was anything wrong with me. They were signs that I was out of sync with that which brought me life, brought me joy. The stressors in life are actually queues that you can use to re-direct your life!

So, I set out on my spiritual endeavors to re-discover and remember who I was.

I discovered women’s circles, sweat lodges, yoga, meditation, drumming... oh, I knew I had arrived home again. I even set out on a 6 day solo vision quest in Baja Mexico. As I continued to ground myself back into my power, it became clear to me that part of what was occurring inside of me was a reunion with the divine feminine.

I had a reunion with the divine feminine. It had changed me. It had changed my life. I have been kissed by the spirit of life in such a sacred way, and I’m here to share this message with you....

Women, the divine feminine is on the rise, and let me tell you, it is juicy, big and potent. It is so exciting! This energy will transform your life and our world. There is a new consciousness forming and it includes the re-claiming of the feminine.

What does this mean? Its essence and qualities will expand and enrich your life. The divine feminine will bring meaning to what is missing and nourish your soul. It will help "make sense" of deep longings and provide a path to greater self understanding and expression. It will do this for you, and more. In the collective consciousness, it will offer a healing salve to wounds and restore balance and wholeness.

What I know to be true from re-invigorating my own aliveness and creating a life to match it, is that embracing the divine feminine has been key to finding balance and wholeness ...not to mention simple delight.

What does this have to do with being a Diva? The term "Diva" derives from an ancient word meaning "Goddess", which comes from the feminine form of a Latin word meaning "divine one". You are divine.

When we know we are divine, we treat ourselves differently. We honor who we are. We don't make excuses any more. We lead our lives to ensure health. In knowing we are divine, life becomes sacred and holy in a whole new way. We know wisdom within and stop seeking validation or fulfillment externally.

Let's not hold back anymore. Let's agree to live into our fullness together and bask in one another's light. Let's put our purpose into motion and gift others with our talents. The world needs us, women!

Claim your birthright. Join me in a new understanding of life, riddled with joy and peace. Explore the divine principle of the feminine:

  • Crank some favorite music and dance around your house.
  • Sit still in the darkness.
  • Allow yourself to receive nurturing. (perhaps a massage?)
  • Write WHATEVER comes through you in a journal, lay it all out!
  • Treat yourself to something that you know makes you feel great.

“The feminine is that part of the self that is vulnerable, receptive, open; the part that values connection and communication. It likes to put all the cards on the table and doesn't want to hold back or keep secrets. It is the part that is comfortable right here on earth with all of its pain and messiness; the part that does not want to run away from life or try to change nature's rules.”

-The Seeker's Guide by Elizabeth lesser


Copyright 2008 by Kendra E. Thornbury



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