A List of Things to Do - from Your Heart
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While writing your daily or weekly list of Things to Do, let your heart fill in the other side.

We all have our lists of things we want to accomplish each day, week, and year. How often do you find yourself listening to your heart when you are making these lists? What would your list look like if you did? What would your life look like if you completed your lists?

My inquiry into this idea began when I asked myself what is intention? Intention could be what you plan to do at some point in the future. It could be a word you use to describe what you are meaning. This powerful word seems to represent a whole lot more. I found intention as a voice that comes from inside our body, not our head. This quiet yet pulsating voice stays in the background of our day. Even with the very best intentions, you can fail to follow your heart. Have you ever had a misunderstanding with someone and your first response was , “I am so sorry you took it that way, that wasn’t my intention.” If we don’t make our intentions clear, they simply don’t have a chance.

Our intentions can be so mysterious to others, we can use them as a great excuse. An intention might be created where there wasn’t one to begin with. We have all heard these: “I intended to get you a gift, but I couldn’t make it to the store in time. My intention was to be on time, but I lost track of the clock.” Why do people use these excuses? Because they work. We all seem to have an understanding that intentions come from a deeper place. Therefore, when an excuse is told with the word intention in it, it is more readily accepted.

The word intention is elusive, yet we use it freely in our daily conversations without considering what we really might be saying to someone. Think about what it means when a father is asking a young man, “What are your intentions with my daughter?” When I thought about intention, I imagined it as a fire, a waking up, a flow of inspiration that fills me up with energy to act upon. Wanting to know more about what I was dealing with, I created an unscientific study to look at intention. Taking a few deep breaths and becoming quiet, I went inside and asked myself, ‘What is my intention?’ I noticed a burning feeling deep in my chest between my heart and my stomach. I repeated the word intention over and over again, and every time I felt this heat. The fire burns there. It slowly came up to the surface to reveal my passion. I needed to know more. So I decided to ask myself two different questions to find out if there was a difference. The first question I asked myself was, “What is my intention for today?” Here is what came up for me:

My intention is to be inspired, to allow my spirit to come out in words across the page so that I can clearly share with others my joy that life is a beautiful place and that it is possible to live our dreams. With my clients, my intention is to be an open connection for the universal wisdom to come through me. I want their heart’s desire to be heard and responded to, so they hear just what they need to hear to create love and abundance for themselves. For my family, my intention is to love and hug them as much as I can and notice the precious moments we have to share today.

My next question was, “What do you want to do today?” Here was my answer:

I want to do my laundry, get an hour walk with my kids, and catch up on writing and other business that is needing completion. I want to get ready for my clients. I want to have fun with my husband and children. I want to finish my article of the week.

Wow! What a different kind of response! I couldn’t believe it. Try it yourself. Ask yourself those same two questions. Try to give at least 3 answers to each question. Did you have the same differences in your responses? When I asked myself what do I want to do, the answer came straight from my brain, while asking what is my intention today, the answer came straight from my heart. I tested this theory on others and found the same thing to be true. So when the father asks the young man, “What is your intention with my daughter?” He is not asking how you will care for her, or your plans for the future. He is asking, “What does your heart say about my daughter? Do you love my daughter with your heart?”

This could be a phenomenal gift, if used to your advantage! This question is the key that opens the porthole to your heart! If you want to live a life where you follow your heart, you need to be able to hear clearly what it wants. Using this simple question (What is my intention?) you will receive the answer from your heart and be able to blaze a blissful trail. Asking the question is only the first step, however, you will still want to remember this wisdom and be able to follow through with it.

“The road to hell is paved with good intentions,” was first said to express how often we don’t follow through with our heart’s wishes. It is important to make your heart’s voice loud and clear. In fact, you need to make your heart’s voice as important as your brain’s voice. Here are 4 ways to start following your heart.

Say your intentions out loud to yourself or to someone else. Saying your intentions out loud gives it more permanence than when it was a fleeting feeling. Telling someone else can give you more accountability to stay on your heart’s path.

Ask Often. Practice asking your question as many times a day as you can remember to ask. Get used to keeping it in the forefront of your mind and as the compass with which you journey through your life.

Write your intentions down. Find a piece of paper or whatever you write your daily or weekly schedule on and divide it in half. On the top of one side write, Things To Do and make your list. On the top of the other side write My Intentions This Week, and make that list. Make both lists equally important and put a check by each one, as you complete your lists.

Practice your intentions. Try one out and see how it feels. For example, if at the end of the day you had written in your intentions that you wanted to hug and love your children as much as you can, yet you just turned out the lights, go back in, hug each one and tell them you love them while you are fully aware in that moment of your precious gifts. If they ask why you came back, you might let them know, “It was my intention today to love and hug you as much as possible!”

When you go into the practice of acknowledging your intentions each day, you might feel a little silly, or you might feel it’s not possible to follow them, and it might even take a little more time, when you are feeling rushed. Allow for that transition, but don’t give up. If the road to hell is paved with good intentions, then the road to heaven is simply acting upon them.


Copyright 2008 by Rain Fordyce

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