Making Friends with Change


by Judith Geiger

Years of change have formed a strong foundation for my life. I know in my heart that change often enriches my life yet it takes me a while to see the friend that change can be. Often a grieving process for the old holds me captive which blinds me to the new possibilities.

I found this to be the case for me a couple of years ago. Living on a farm in central New York I get to experience nature, animals and (as they say) God in the details. For me, there is no greater joy than to journey across our fields into the woods as my husband and our dog, Gretchen, walk beside me looking for things to explore. Gretchen might be chasing a leaf that is being tossed by the wind while David is scanning the hillsides for the big buck our neighbor told him lives there.

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This week I’m so excited to present our community member, Shannon Grissom as our artist of the week!  Her Old Soul watercolor is so kind and sweet.  Make sure to put your mouse over the picture, expand the image to see her amazing work!  Shannon has graced our site before, if you missed it, go to her website and see her amazing work!  


Judith Geiger's new Spirit article, Making Friends With Change, is a touching and powerful story about the loss we experience with change and the shining light we can find on the other side.


Elissa Joy (EJ) Shames is sharing her beautiful and inspiring words in her poem Earth Jewel(Click the link and look to the right.)  Read it and feel yourself become inspired!  In fact you can find EJ on our community board as "inspiredEJ."  Stop in and say hello!


I was inspired by Earth Day to write about my experience with the changing world in Living Green Upon Earth with some tips to create a greener existance in your world.  And speaking of green are you ready for a new raw recipe?  Raw Breakfast Cookies are a regular in my mornings... Try them out and let me know what you think. 


This week's Ask Rain will connect you to Which Way To Go?  When you have more than one amazing option to persue in your life, how do you choose?



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Old Soul

watercolor by

Shannon Grissom

The Peace Treaty by Rain Fordyce Life Coach
Tunguska Mist

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